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Sibling Sexual Abuse Resource Centre

Our Cause

Sibling Sexual Abuse is one of the most common and hidden forms of childhood sexual abuse in the home. It is estimated to be 3-5 times greater than parent on child sexual abuse, yet there is very little awareness of its existence in the public domain. Together we can change this, and families do not have to deal with this multi-faceted, complex family trauma alone.

Working collaboratively with lived experience experts and professionals in the field. SSARC centralises the current knowledge, resources, literature, and services available from many specialist organisations working within the field, to make them easily accessible for all.

We offer bespoke support and workshops for parents and professionals that provide a holistic, family centred and trauma informed approach to healing and support.  Services include counselling support for parents/carers, parent workshops, resources, referral pathways, and more.

Together we can provide a safer and brighter future for all children.

In collaboration with

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We collaborate with 5WAVES to bring the voices of lived experience experts throughout our work and support, ensuring a holistic approach to healing. The founders of 5WAVES are working to break through the dark shadows of a silent epidemic. As survivors and parents, they each found themselves utterly alone for years and even decades, as they faced the effects of sibling sexual trauma (SST) on their lives and families. 

Sibling Sexual Abuse is estimated to affect 1.3 million children in the UK alone

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You Are Not Alone

 We provide compassionate, non-judgemental support, resources, counselling and workshops for parents and carers whose children have experienced sibling sexual abuse. Find out more about our workshops below.

Resources & news

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