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You Are Not Alone

The turmoil and despair you are facing right now, can feel so overwhelming. Please know, we understand. The pain, anguish and sense of helplessness can be all too consuming. Know you are not alone and there is support available. All our content and trainings are co-designed with those that have lived experience of Sibling Sexual Abuse as well as professionals within the field. You will be treated with the utmost respect, empathy and compassion. I hope these services can provide you with a sense of connection, comfort and hope in your time of need.


In this workshop you will learn:

  • What Sibling Sexual Abuse is

  • The Prevalence Rates

  • How to support your children's differing needs

  • Communication skills

  • How to manage your own emotional overwhelm

  • Self-care techniques

  • Further support and resources

  • Connect with others who have experienced this

  • Safety Plans and much more

Support group

One Off Workshops

In this workshop you will learn how to manage feelings of:

  • Vicarious/ secondary trauma

  • Shame and guilt

  • Anger and many more

Teacher & Student

Sibling Sexual Trauma Website
Created by 5WAVES

The Site strives to bring together critical information from reputable sources, with references, to guide others on their path of coping, decision-making, and healing after sibling sexual trauma. The Site offers NO legal advice and NO medical or mental health advice. Any legal questions or decisions should be made in consultation with your own legal counsel. Any medical and mental health decisions should be made in consultation with your physician or mental health practitioner. 

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Facebook Support Group    By 5WAVES

This group is exclusively for parents/legal guardians who are coping with sibling sexual trauma and abuse within their family, to provide NONJUDGEMENTAL support and hope for one another. We support the healing and recovery for ALL of our children. Sometimes this support means working towards reconciliation and reunification. Sometimes this support means loving and supporting at a distance with the help of others to provide care and supervision. All of our circumstances are unique in many ways, AND we all share the pain, struggle, confusion, and sadness as we love our children and work to do everything in our power to help them heal. We bear the burden of picking up the pieces and putting our families back together, whatever that may look like.

Support Groups
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