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Hub for adult survivors of ssa

Welcome to a community dedicated to supporting survivors of sibling sexual abuse. SARSAS have dedicated themselves to creating support for adult survivors. They understand the unique challenges you may face, and have created this unique website to provide a safe space and resources to aid in your healing journey.

Their mission is to empower survivors by offering comprehensive resources, fostering understanding, and promoting healing from the trauma of sibling sexual abuse.

Getting it Right Project

Getting it Right’ will build on the momentum generated by the Rape Crisis England and Wales
research project to consolidate and grow the network of engaged and empowered adult survivors and allies, and capitalize on increased political and professional awareness in order to embed a voice for survivors

This website is a response to the need to support survivors, give them voice and a community to minimise the sense of isolation and marginalization they currently feel by provide a safe, contained community to promote empowerment, healing and growth. We understand that sibling sexual abuse is a deeply painful and often overlooked experience. It can leave you feeling isolated, confused, and overwhelmed. However, you are not alone. This forum is a safe space for to come together, share experiences, and support one another on the journey toward healing.

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