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What is the Underwear Rule? NSPCC

We teach children various safety messages when they are growing up but how do you talk to them about sexual abuse without using scary words or making them feel worried?

This can be a challenge for parents, carers and teachers which is why the NSPCC launched a campaign in 2012 called Talk PANTS. The Underwear Rule (also referred to as PANTS) is a simple way to have age-appropriate conversations with children to help you keep them safe from sexual abuse.

Click the link below to be directed to NSPCC for this and further resources

Tune into our episode for more about:

  • the impact PANTS has had since it launched in 2012

  • having conversations around PANTS and embedding these messages into daily life

  • how local safeguarding boards, parents, schools and local communities are helping to raise awareness of the campaign

  • what children have said about the campaign and future developments to materials and resources.


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