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What is SSARC and how can we help?

Welcome to SSARC. We provide a centralised site specifically dedicated to sibling sexual abuse/trauma. Bringing up to date knowledge, resources and information on sibling sexual abuse as well as providing services to professionals, families and key stakeholders in the area of sibling sexual abuse.

Sibling sexual abuse is considered to be one of the most common forms of child sexual abuse within the family setting, yet society’s awareness of sibling sexual abuse has trailed behind other forms of child sexual abuse. The shame, silence and stigma, as well as limited knowledge and information prevents those that need support from coming forward.

Without support and intervention, the impacts can be devastating for the whole family and increase further adversities such as separation, divorce, mental health problems, the list goes on. Short and long-term consequences can include post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, substance misuse, eating disorders, suicidal ideation and relationship difficulties throughout life. It not only has a detrimental impact to the child who has been harmed, but all members of the family. Sibling sexual abuse is now starting to be recognised as a family trauma, rather than an individual trauma.

Following on from the hugely beneficial two-year Sibling sexual abuse project | SARSAS , there was a growing consensus that society needed more education, awareness and support for those that have been impacted by sibling sexual abuse/trauma.

With more connection, collaboration and cohesion between families and professionals supporting them, healing is possible.

Our vision is to provide a safer and brighter future for all children, free from sibling sexual harm.


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